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The Benefits Of A Living Will: A Rundown

No one can really prevent the uncertainties; yet, anyone can prepare for their occurrence. It is true with medical conditions. You may not completely avoid illnesses and accidents that may render you almost lifeless and unconscious, but you can set beforehand how you would like to be cared for during such events through a living will. The benefits of a living will are numerous. And they protect your family as much as they do you. Hereís a quick rundown:

1. You stay in control. When you have a living will, you can decide on things you have otherwise no control of. You can, for instance, decide what kinds of medical intervention you would like to receive or how long you want to be on life support. Without a living will, the decision is entirely left to your family and doctors. And itís likely that their decisions would not be agreeable to you.

2. You make things easy for your family and friends. Seeing you in a vegetative state or in permanent unconsciousness would sure break your loved onesí hearts. But you can spare them this kind of emotional torture by instructing in your living will to withhold life support if it only attempts to artificially delay death.

3. There would be no arguments within the family. Deciding on sustaining the life of a loved one or allowing the natural course of death is a completely painful task. Itís so hard because each family member has a differing opinion. One may like to continue the artificial nourishment, the other one may not. The parent may desire to keep the life support, the spouse may not. If there is an outstanding living will, however, factions like these would be eliminated, as your family would have to rely on your living will and honor whatever that is written.

4. Doctors would be more guided in administering medical intervention. Because the doctors know exactly what you want, it would be less hard for them to choose from available treatment options for you.

5. You get to discuss the end-of-life possibilities with your loved ones. Although this would not be a relatively happy conversation, this would bring awareness to your household about illness, injury, accident, and death. In the end, your family members would at least be better prepared in handling any eventuality.

6. You have your peace of mind. By ensuring that you get the health care that you want and that your family is spared from the task of deciding for your life, you get the sense of peace that only comes from being in control.

7. You preserve your right. Among the benefits of a living will, keeping your right to choose or decline treatments, interventions, or life-sustaining measures is perhaps the most humanly fair. You may be unconscious when you use your living will, but it doesnít mean you have to be stripped off of your right. Your living will would uphold this basic right even if you are oblivious to the rest of the world.


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