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Organ Donation on Your Living Will

A living will is a legal document where you authorize doctors to do and do not do certain medical procedures in you in case you become incapacitated or medically unconscious to make decisions or even speak. Many people are now including organ donation in their living will. This is a noble and admirable practice. Imagine how many people your organs could save when you die. That is like living your life to the fullest. Even in death, you could be sure you are contributing well to humanity.

You could always specify in your living will your desire to have any of your organs removed and donated to other people who need transplants. Some people still are not aware of this. You could even donate your body to medical schools that are always in need of corpses for medical and scientific studies. This way, you could make sure you could still help in the advancement of human knowledge on medicine and treatment. Your family might not fully agree with this notion, but it is something you have to clearly and patiently explain to them. Who knows, they might join you on your advocacy and decide to also donate their organs when they die.

How do you include organ donation in your living will? The process could be as simple as getting a living will. First, you should check out any state or national legislations that may cover the process. Some states may have specific laws regarding such advance directives. You could consult your lawyer in this aspect. There are also several forms to fill out. Once the forms and the living will are done, produce several copies. Give a copy each to your doctor, your healthcare agent, and your family. You should also keep your own copy and keep it safe, but in a place where the household could easily find in case of emergency.

You do not need to be old to come out with your living will and to decide to donate your organs if you die. It is advisable that both living will and organ donation be decided and finalized the moment you reach 18 years old. There is no age limit as well. Even 70-year old and 80-year old individuals could opt to donate organs and include such a provision in their living will. You should always read your directives as often as possible. You could always opt to change or revise any term or provision depending on your choice. To make changes on your organ donation options in your living will, you could start the process all over again, as you did when you got the living will written.

You also need to register in your stateís donor registry. For convenience, you could have your organ donation option indicated in your driverís license every year you renew it. You could also sign and always carry a donor card so that the procedure could go on any time something happens. Your living will should also clearly indicate that choice you make.


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