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How to Create Your Own Living Will

It may not be necessary, but it would surely be wise and considerate of you to write and put up your own living will. It is a legal document that facilitates exercise of your right to make decisions about what could happen and what medical procedures to be performed on you the moment you undergo a critical or life-threatening condition. In cases wherein you would not be able to speak or decide for yourself regarding medical issues, the living will would definitely be advantageous. If you are in a coma or are unconscious, the healthcare providers could do everything to help you recover. In such a way, they could also rule out certain medical procedures that you would not want yourself to undergo.

Be sure to make your own living will not liable for any misinterpretation. You should hire the legal assistance of a professional (an attorney). Be clear to set out goals before you begin writing the living will. What do you intend? Are you just not into certain medical procedures or are you just considering the hefty costs the processes might incur? Here are some guidelines that could help you create your living will appropriately and in a breeze.

Carefully look at all the options as you write your living will. As mentioned, you could consider the possible costs. You should also take a look at the survival rate. If an event could not be possibly overcome, why prolong your agony? You would have to consider all your existing medical conditions and history. It would be advisable if you would seek the assistance and guidance of a doctor or medical professional as you write the document.

Ask someone permission if you want to name him or her as a person who would make decisions on your own behalf. Some people might not be comfortable with the idea. You could ask any member of your family or even your legal counsel to do so. It is always important to attain the full consent of that person before he is included as a decision maker in your living will. You might need to appoint other proxy in case that person is unable to perform the duties you assign him or her.

Have a witness when writing and legalizing your living will. This is similar to the process when you make a living trust or last will. Legal issues need to be settled and taken care of for the living will to be effective. This is more helpful if you are consenting to donate your organs upon your death.

Strive to write your living will in a straightforward and clear manner. You certainly would not want it to be subject to too much misinterpretation. You should also check for typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors as such could possibly interfere with correct interpretation of the document.

Keep a copy of the living will. You could also distribute other copies particularly to your lawyer, doctor, healthcare provider, family members, and several trusted friends. This is to make sure your living will would take effect when the time comes.


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